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Welcome to Xtreme Trackers

We are a GPS Solution Provider with tailor made solution for your unique need. We supply GPS Trackers and Tracking Devices that can be used for many applications. Vehicle Tracking, Personal Tracking, Covert Tracking, Mobile Tracking, Pet Tracking and more.

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GPS Tracking Solutions

If you’re concerned about your vehicle or assets then you are definitely in need of GPS tracking device. We can provide you with the perfect tailor made solution for your needs.

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Personal Tracking Devices

There is no doubt that our compact, but powerful personal gps tracking devices are among the most reliable choices in personal safety and business efficiency. A silent panic button found on Xtreme Trackers GPS tracking systems …

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Asset Tracking Devices

Xtreme Trackers delivers sophisticated location-based gps asset monitoring information for a wide range of industries and applications globally. We can provide turnkey solutions to our clients that has an immediate effect on their bottom line …

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Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Today, nearly all cars are equipped with Vehicle Tracking. Vehicle Tracking are more popular in western countries than they are in eastern countries. Vehicle Tracking will undoubtedly add to the security of your car today …

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Distributorship Opportunity

The Xtreme Holdings Group has enjoyed rapid growth since 2007 and has expanded to Africa and SA. Quality products, competitive pricing, superb after sales service has ensured its success.

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Professional Online Support

Commitment to service excellence has driven the growth of our business from strength to strength. We believe in providing a personal service throughout all aspects of our organisation.

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Xtreme Trackers are constantly working on the GPS and GSM tracking products of the future and some of these items are much closer to being reality than you may think. With the reduction in size and shape of microchips and components and the development of flexible printed circuit boards we can now begin to design gps tracking devices that are almost undetectable in today’s hectic lifestyles.

Xtreme Trackers have moved away from the development of a single specific product or brand. Instead, due to client demand, we are now almost entirely focused on the design and development of highly complex (yet simple to operate) covert GPS/GSM tracking and gps monitoring systems. We believe that the technology that we produce represents the best of breed for all of their respective industry sectors.

As an example, we have now started to produce new designs of devices which will be less than 7mm thick and even flexible… able to slide into almost any item of clothing or electronic equipment.”

Obviously, there are times when the thing or things that you want to track do not fall into the standard categories like vehicles and boats. Over the last 5 years, we have successfully fitted, tagged and tracked items including TomTom/Garmin navigators, laptops, wheelchairs, wheelie bins, Beehives, briefcases, bicycles and jewellery boxes.
In fact, if it is possible to fit it – We CAN track it!
Until now, the unsuitability to incorporate GPS technology into other assets has been largely down to the “size” of the technology. Now however, we have the capability to produce tracking systems small enough to track highly valuable yet smaller assets such as Weapons.Tracking clothing is merely a slightly advanced version of the Wrist band concept. The gps device (Bug) is printed onto a flexible circuit board and sewn into the lining of the garment so that the wearer is less likely to feel or be aware of the unit during normal and everyday wear and tear. The garment will be fully machine washable and the Bug inside will be either rechargeable or solar powered, depending upon the model purchased or customers choice.

Asset Recovery
Obviously, having all this technology is pointless if there is nobody available to help you get your assets back!

Currently available in RSA and the UK only, for a single activation premium (you only pay us if we are called out), we can track, locate and recover any asset that has been stolen or taken from you. Our recovery teams are all ex police or special forces personnel and are well trained in the art of discretion and surveillance. Once engaged, we will use all of the technology to hand to recover your assets for you. Using unmarked vehicles with high sensitivity Radio equipment inside, we can follow and recover any asset discretely and efficiently and engage local police services when required. Our units will handle all aspects of your assets recovery giving you peace of mind that once we have been deployed, you will have the best possible chance of recovering your asset(s) quickly and in a good condition.

Our mapping options are very simple. If your operation is small, then you might be happy with utilising our servers and mapping platform whilst simply paying us a monthly license fee per device? Or, if your operation is much larger and more complex we can offer you the chance to purchase our system for a single one off fee of around R100,000 so that you can host the complete system on your own servers and behind your own firewalls? Another option, would be to incorporate our devices into your own existing or preferred 3rd party mapping platform? regardless of your requirement, we can assist you to get your project off the ground and up and running as quickly as possible.

Our monthly mapping fees vary from country to country but prices start from as little as R100.00 per month, per device or for a few select projects we can also offer a PAYG (Pay As You Go) solution.