The Xtreme Belt GPS/GSM belt tracker uses the latest GL200 GPS tracker unit. This unit is ideal as it is small enough to fit into the customised belt. It is widely used worldwide by VIP personnel that travel in dangerous areas.

Modern GPS technology can be discreetly hidden in many ingenious places to provide you with protection without disrupting your friends/colleagues or everyday routines.

This device is one of our most innovative approaches to Personal Tracking security and is the ideal solution for providing you with your own personal security and emergency tracking device.  It has also been used regularly for protecting VIPs and for undercover operations by law enforcement agencies.

Imagine having a personal tracking device that is so comfortable that you do not have the worry of carrying a separate device that can be lost or mis-placed.  We have sourced a tailor who hand crafts leather belts from the finest Italian leather and buckles who is able to insert our GPS device into the belt.

Amazingly, our belt trackers not only monitor your position but also include an SOS panic button!

The most important factors when it comes personal GPS security are ensuring that your positions are monitored and that if you need to press the panic button that your messages are received.

We have fitted the very best high gain GSM/GPRS antenna to this belt. This simply means that this belt will be able to send and receive information when there is very little coverage of the network. We asked a company in the UK that have been developing and testing antennas for over 30 years to supply us the best antenna for this type of application.

GPS sensitivity is also a huge major importance. SirfStar111 GPS is one of the best receivers in the market place. Combined with a well balanced GSM antenna you then get a very quick time to first fix and positioning inside buildings. This still has limitations but if there is a window or the roof is not completely metal there is a very good chance of the belt sending fresh positions from inside the building.

They are hand made from Italian leather to the highest standard possible, are strong, and look great!  Most of all they are incredibly accurate.

The Package includes:

  • 1 Leather Tracking belt
  • 1 GPRS sim card (Choose your option sim package)
  • 1 year unlimited Tracking service
  • 1 year unlimited PC/Mobile/PDA mapping service
  • 1 year support