Xtremetracker’s Little Black Box tracks your every move

XT Stealth GPS Tracker

The Xtrack is a locally designed, developed and manufactured portable tracker optimised for low power consumption.

In tracking mode the Xtrack can last up to a month of tracking every day.

Once the unit stops detecting movement it goes back into sleep mode which would allow the battery to last for 6months in this state.
The Xtrack comes with a built-in SIM chip which cannot be removed and used elsewhere, eliminating the element of tampering or theft.

The two buttons are programmable and can be used for a wide variety of functions such as, panic, checking or even open gate via it’s built-in short range transmitter.

If the application requires, the Xtrack may be wired permanently to power such as in a vehicle or motor cycle.

Should the tracker go out of range of the GSM network, it will record up to 2000 points and then upload them as soon as it moves back into coverage

  • Low power accelerometer
  • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • 403Mhz or 433Mhz built-in AM transmitter
  • 6 month battery life in dormant state
  • Non-removeable SIM chip with tracking bundle
  • Highest quality GPS, GPS engines and antennas
  • Input voltage 12-36V (wired version) or 5V USB
  • Recording of 2000 points in case of no GSM coverage
  • Integrated microphone and speaker for voice communication
  • Customisable button colours
  • Configurable panic on tracker orientation


Tracking of Assets:
Generators, vehicles, horse and trailer, computers, laptops, couriered packages, containers.

Cable theft:
Detect movement of cables

Personal tracking:
Panic for guards, children, old age homes

Animal & livestock tracking:
Panic sent based only on geo-fence increasing battery life